3T breast MRI is twice as good!

Monday 8AM -5PM

Tuesday 8AM-5PM

Wed 10:30AM-6:30PM

Thursday 8AM-5PM

Friday 8AM-4PM  Lewes facility only has routine 3T MRI with 32 channel head coil.

3T MRI has twice the signal to noise of any other scanner.  This is because of the initial increased cost of 3 million versus 1.5 million.  But this pays off in better images.  We can use that advantage to scan as fast as 4 times faster than other 1.5T high field scanners.  The 3T advantage really works in the brain.  We get images that are incredible. The scanner is incredibly fast.  Breast MRI creates a study with thousands of images that CANNOT be filmed.  Our typical study is 2200 images or more.


The contrast effect is also doubled at 3T.  This means in patients with renal failure we can actually scan them using 1/4 the dose Eovist which is recommended for patients who have renal failure as one way to possibly avoid Nephrogenic Systemic Sclerosis.  We also recommend dialysis within 24 hours of the test.  This is a potentially fatal complication of gadolinium contrast – although it is very very rare – it is seen in about 80 patients after 80 million doses of gadolinium were given.  So about a 1 in 500,000 to 1 in a million chance.  We do ask that any patient over the age of 65 get a renal function test – either by GFR or by BUN and Creatinine to protect our patients from this rare complication.   We also use Prohance which has never been associated with NSF by itself. 


By giving away a DICOM reader to our clinicians you can actually look at the images with the super high resolution and detail they were taken.  When these images are filmed they lose detail.  And when you have literally a thousand images to look at – you cannot film them.  It would be 50 sheets of film which cost about 10 dollar a piece to make.  That would be a 500 dollar surcharge for a stack of films no one would want to look at.  Also it is very hard to page through the images to see the subtle lesions.


Our 3T Trio scanner is Delaware’s finest but it creates problems because it can make so many images in a short time.  We give you the images digitally on a CD and the accompanying reader so you can load it into any IBM based PC and look at the images in multiple planes with the ability to cross reference the images and also print them out.


Don’t you think if you need a breast MRI you should have it on the 3T scanner?  It costs the same.  It offers 100% sensitivity.  Dr. Chao has the most experience doing breast MRI in Delaware.  PLEASE CALL US IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS 302-295-3367 www.mriconsultants.net  www.bestopenmri.net