3T breast MRI is twice as good!

A recent publication from the American College of Radiology indicates that 3T MRI is potentitally much better than other MRI field strengths.  It is also much better than both ultrasound and mammography.  We do request that you bring your most recent mammogram and sonogram for comparison.   We really like to have all your studies so we can give you the most complete reading as you get off the scanner.  We are the ONLY facility that I know who gives your breast MRI results to you as you leave.  We use only the safest contrast for your breast MRI study.  www.safecontrast.com

MRI consultants was formed in Newark DE in 2006 to provide the highest level of quality to out patients. We use the safest MR contrast concept.  People ask me everyday why is 3T better. The simple answer is that we see better. We can scan faster, thinner and cover more area in the same time. This means we can often find things that no other scanner can see. For MS patients this is a true advance. We see about 40% more lesions in a brain with MS than any regular 1.5T or lower scanner. Patients drive up to 2 hours to get their studies done at 3T because we were the only 3T in Delaware since 2007. For cancer workup we are 20% more sensitive for metastases.  Now we have added a scanner in Lewes Delaware.
We clarify unclear findings done on other MRI scanners.
At 3T we can also do functional MRI which cannot be done at 1.5T. Breast MRIs are the best possible at 3T field strength. Our musculoskeletal Knee, Ankle, Foot, Wrist and Shoulder studies are the highest resolution in the shortest time. We scan two to four times faster.  Each series takes only 1 or 2 minutes.  At 1.5T it takes 5 minutes to do each series so they do less pictures on their slower scanners.  We hope you will do a web search to see that 3T is truly better and we wish to offer this to your patients. Philip W Chao MD 

We also have a Siemens Espree - SPACE is THE FINAL FRONTIER.  One of the most spacious scanners in the world is our Espree unit.  There are also new units called the Aera, Skyra, Ingenia and Verio - these all are open bore high field magnets.  These are longer and perhaps a little more claustrophobic.  The Siemens Espree is 1.5T quality (not as good as 3T) but it is in our facility because it is the LEAST CLAUSTROPHOBIC scanner in the world when we opened in 2009.  And we have done some things in our site to make it even more friendly.  We have a window in the suite you can look out into the sky while you are hving your scan.   We also have a 52" widescreen LCD TV in the ceiling so you can actually watch a TV show or blueray DVD while your head is outside the scanner for your pelvis or lumbar or knee or foot MRI.  Supposedly 60% of the scans on this scanner are done with your head ouside of the scanner. (You must be taller than 5 foot 2 inches).  But we also like to think we do a little more than most other places.


Unfurtunately those scans where the part of the body is close to your head will require your head be inside the wider opening of our scanner.  For those patients in which seeing the sky behind you or the extra room inside still is bothersome - we offer FREE IV sedation at our facility.   We are the only facility that offers this and we do it for free.  No additional charge.  We also offer free kidney creatinine testing with our in house ISTAT-1  Other facilities chargut for everything - we do it all under the same MRI fee.  Get the best!  go to BEST OPEN MRI or MRI CONSULTANTS!

We also have a special out of pocket discount.  We are the only place I know that offers an excellent quality MRI with contrast for 700 dollars.  We also I believe are the only ones to offer the safest contrast concept since 2008.